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From the 4th up until the 11th of June 2020, HeerenXVII celebrates that she exists for 55 years. Unfortunately this is cancelled and it will be moved to a new date.
During this week there are numerous activities to celebrate this and also activities for educational purposes. If you would like to join any of them, please get in contact with the Lustrum committee and ask for the possibilities.
4-06-2020: Opening Activity
5-06-2020: Reunion of the old members(in Dutch)
6-06-2020: Parentsday & Sibling evening(in Dutch)
7-06-2020: Sportsday
8-06-2020: Companyday
9-06-2020: Suprise activity
10-06-2020: Symposium "Engineering for future farming"
11-06-2020: Closing party


Heeren XVII & Corona

Update 25 March 2020

Heeren XVII
All events planned on WUR grounds until the 1st of august are forbidden. This means the following activities are cancelled or moved, this includes the anniversary:

- Job application workshop, Thursday 26 March
- Birthday party of Heeren XVII, Wednesday 1 April
- SAC activity, Thursday 2 April
- Student-for-a-day day, Wednesday 8 April
- SAC activity, Wednesday 15 April
- Master activity BBQ, Thursday 16 April
- Gala dance evening, Tuesday 21 April
- Theme evening, Wednesday 22 April
- BinEx excursion, Tuesday 28 April
- Periodic drink, Tuesday 12 May
- Gala, Wednesday 13 May
- Almanac ceremony, Tuesday 19 May
- Boerengames, Wednesday 27 May
- Lustrum, 4 – 11 June

Until the end of period 6 (until 3th of July), no educational activities are taking place on the campus of Wageningen University and Research. The WUR aims at “online only” education. In general, all students and WUR employees have to work at home as much as possible. It is now allowed for (bachelor and master) thesis and internship students to continue their work at any of the chair groups or Wageningen Research (WR) institutes if that work cannot be done from home, permission of the chair group holder is needed. To stay informed check the WUR site (https://www.wur.nl/nl/artikel/WUR-richtlijnen-en-updates-mbt-het-coronavirus.htm).

Activity agenda