Study Association BSc Agrotechnologie & MSc Biosystems Engineering
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The board of Heeren XVII has several tasks. In the first place, the board is responsible for leading the association. This is done by have contact with the committees. The board is also the contact point for relations outside of the study association. The board is responsible for contact with other study associations, the Dutch Association for Technology in Agriculture (NVTL), companies and organisations within Wageningen University. By publishing a CV book every year, Heeren XVII attempts to draw attention from companies to nearly graduated Biosystems Engineers. Another task of the board is making sure there are enough new students. This is done by organising three “Student for a day”-days and by being present at the Open Day.

The chairman of the board coordinates the actions of the other board members. It is his job to chair the board meeting, the General Members Meeting and the Monthly RIGROs. It is the secretary's job to take minutes at these meetings. The secretary also checks the mail and email, makes invitation for meetings and makes sure the associations agenda is up to date. The Commissioner Internal Affairs is responsible for all contact between the board and committees. He is also responsible for the digital photo archive. The Commissioner Internal Affairs also chairs the Small RIGRO. This is a meeting of all committees that do something for the quality of the education of our study. The Commissioner External Affairs is responsible for all external business. She maintains contact with former members, the NVTL and all companies and relation that are known to Heeren XVII. The Commissioner External Affairs is also responsible for organising the “Student for a day”-days and the Open Days. The treasurer is responsible for all financial affairs, makes sure the contribution is paid, maintains the lists of former members and makes a financial report at the end of the education year. Besides this, the treasurer is responsible for the shopping of the association.

There is a consultation hour on every Wednesday and Thursday of the week. From 1:00 PM until 1:30 PM someone from the board will be present in the board room to answer all your questions. During the consultation hour, it is also possible to pick up your Heeren XVII merchandise. In case of questions or problems, these can be discussed during the consultation hour or by sending an e-mail to heeren.xvii@wur.nl. During the consultation hour, Heeren XVII can be reached on the phone number +31 317 484192. We will do our best to answer your questions.

Chair Geert van Maldegem
Secretary Sophie Wildeboer
Treasurer Sake Antonides
Commissioner Intern Dide van Teeffelen
Commissioner Extern Bram teurlinx

Bestuur 2021I
f.l.t.r. Sake, Sophie, Geert, Dide, Bram