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Almanac Committee

The almanac committee is the committee which makes the almanac of Heeren XVII. The almanac is a kind of collective book with information about the study, activities of the association with photos from last year. Each year Heeren XVII reveals an new almanac. This book is recruited by five members of the second year of biosystem engineering. Therefore each year the new almanac is made by different people. Usually the almanac is awarded medio April.

The almanac committee is one of the most intensive committees within Heeren XVII. From nothing, the five members have to make a whole book. The book is funded by advertisers found by the almanac committee. Furthermore the almanac needs to collect articles from other committees and teachers to guarantee a interesting book for the members. In the end all of these things needs to be placed into a nice layout.

The almanac is made each year around a specific theme. The almanac committee always tries to keep this theme strictly confidential. Until the big moment arrives: the almanac ceremony, a festival where every Heeren XVII member eagerly anticipate. The almanac will be presented at the almanac ceremony and distributed to all members and then we build a big party! The almanac gives a prominent place in the bookcase and will be used more frequently as a reference!

F.l.t.r. Dide van Teeffelen, Niek Fierkens, Lars Kloosterman, Rick Duijnisveld, Dorien Goudsblom