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BinEx Committee

The national excursion committee organises a lot of interesting excursions troughout the year for all students biosystems engineering. For these excursions companies in and around the Netherlands are selected. All these companies are possible future workplaces for Biosystems engineers, or are very innovative. We try to pick companies in all different fields of work in the agricultural sector. There are interesting things for everyone!

This is the best way to keep track of technical advances in agriculture. You gain insight in the development process of new technologies, from the drawing board to final tests. The best part of all this is being able to see how a machine works and having the possibility to look inside these machines for once to take a good look at how the mechanism works. In addition, you will also learn about the background, history and goals of these companies and what makes these companies unique. Lastly, these excursions help you expand your network which can help you with you thesis or possibly even more.

By far the best excursion of the year, is the annual excursion to the Agritechnica or EuroTier. Every year in period 2 a bus full of Biosystems engineers takes the trip to Hannover where at a huge terrain all innovations in agriculture are gathered. At the most extravagant stands, manufacturers present their equipment. However Hannover wouldn’t be Hannover if not for the many beers that can be found at all these stands, and this is of course a perfect opportunity to interact with all these retailers.

Last of all, the critical student sometimes want to compare different companies with each other. To facilitate this need, three times a year a theme-evening is organised. At these evenings companies have the opportunity to present their vision on agriculture, afterwards there is of course room for discussion.
F.l.t.r. Koen van Dijck, Eva Mensink, Sophie Wildeboer, Robert van de Ven, Lars Kloosterman