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Borrel Committee

The Borrel committee has the difficult task of organizing the drinks. The Borrel committee provides a drink once per period. Since this is not enough, we also organize the drinks during the try-out days, the AID study day and during the water tub and BBQ. During all these drinks is careful to ensure that the present Heeren-XVII members, try-out students and departmental employees don’t come for nothing. In addition to the main task, namely putting the beer cold, we also ensure that there is enough food and other drinks. If there’s no talk for a moment, there is always the presentation and music available. Due to the carefully chosen music and the highly technical assembled presentation with pictures of the past period, the atmosphere is always good. Besides all the beautiful pictures in the presentation, there is an agenda, so that the technicians can look forward to the next period with wonderful activities.The drinks are the ideal opportunity for real technicians to just relax. After delivering supernatural feats during the lectures and practical’s there is for every technician a nice cold beer ready. During the drinks, the technicians of different years and employees try to know each other better, of course while enjoying a snack and drink. The conversation during the drinks is always far apart, every technician does have something to say. If the conversation still equally disappointing, there's always the music and presentation. Once the drink has again become successful all technicians going back to home and the Borrel committee ensures that everything is cleaned up correctly. We try to make every drink a great success but we naturally can’t this alone. We hope to see you at the next drink, where the real technicians feel at home.


The borrel committee
F.l.t.r. Renko Groot Schaarsbergen, Sander Gerritsen, Casper van Oostrum, Harmen van der Vliet, Ferneau Ploumen