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Lustrum Committee

Heeren XVII was founded on April 1st 1965 in café “Onder De Linden” in Wageningen. Every five years, the anniversary of this wonderful association is celebrated, which in Dutch is called a ‘Lustrum’. This is a week full of activities and it would be one of the most memorable weeks of your student time. The Lustrum is not only for the members of Heeren XVII, but there are also activities organised for companies, family and alumni. This week will be opened with a party, there will be a reunion for graduates, there will be a day special for parents, brothers and sisters, a business day and a symposium as well. The anniversary week will be closed with a great final party that you will remember for the rest of your life. During this week, there will be plenty of food and drinks; you shouldn’t have to worry about starvation.

It will take a lot of time to organize this, and therefore a committee is brought to live approximately two years ahead of the Lustrumweek. This time, we are the six lucky ones and we will make sure that the 11th Lustrum of Heeren XVII will be a huge success.

Kind regrards,

The 11th Lustrumcommissie der Heeren XVII
Chris Vader, Dana Vernooij, Joris te Velde, Emma Bijen, Bram Nelissen, Sander Krul
F.l.t.r. Emma Bijen, Joris te Velde, Dana Vernooij, Sander Krul, Chris Vader, Bram Nelissen