Study Association BSc Agrotechnologie & MSc Biosystems Engineering
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The education quality committee (OKC) has a meeting with representatives from the chair groups Biobased Chemistry & Technology (BCT) and Farm Technology (FTE) to look at the course evaluations every period. Our role in the committee is to clarify what students mean with their feedback and to look for possible improvements in the course. Most times OKC-members have participated in the discussed courses, if there are some striking points the chair group representatives could react as fast as possible to make improvements in the discussed course(s). Every study-year is represented in the OKC, that makes a good interpretation of the course evaluations possible.

We do our job with pleasure, because we notify that the chair groups improve the courses with our feedback. This can often be seen in the course evaluations of the course the next year. The OKC therefore is an important committee for the bachelor Agrotechnologie and the master Biosystems Engineering. To do our job as well as possible it is important that the students fill in the course evaluations. The more students fill in the course evaluations, the more we can achieve with the feedback. Our study has grown in number of students, but relatively we didn’t see a higher response in the course evaluations.

If you are content with the course we also want to know that, but if you are not we also want to know that. It is also possible to approach us personally and tell the good or bad things which you has observed during a course. You can also contact us for problems already during a course, that need to be solved immediately. Also when you have some feedback of a thesis or an internship, the OKC is there for you! For these cases you can contact us personally or send an e-mail to education.hxvii@wur.nl.

You can find the most recent (summarized) course evaluations in the course guide on the Wageningen University website. We also will present the most important results of our meetings in the periodic magazine of Heeren XVII, the Haitech.

Kind regards from the OKC!
F.l.t.r. Huub ter Woorst, Bart Hooch Antink, Abby van der Werff, Jowi van Heugten, Fleur van Kempen