Study Association BSc Agrotechnologie & MSc Biosystems Engineering
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The OpleidingsCommittee (Education committee) takes care of the quality of education for the BSc Agrotechnology and the MSc Biosystems Engineering. The committee exists of the programme director, study advisor, five teachers and five students. The student members try to represent all the other students of the study.

Once per period the OpCie has a meeting where all important aspects of the education programme are discussed. Think for instance of course evaluations and remarks from the OKC (committee for quality of the study programme). Discussions of the OpCie can lead to significant improvements to courses and other trending topics in the study programme.

Questions at level of the whole university are also discussed, for instance new regulations and their consequences. Actual activities of the committee are reported at the KR (a small interim meeting for the board and the study committees) and at the general membership meeting.

The mean goal of the committee is to get and keep the study programme at a top level of quality!

For questions, remarks or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us!
F.l.t.r. Guus Heijnen, Bas Vullings, Douwe Schotanus, Yvet Renkema, Jan Morssink en de leden van de OpCie