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Parents' day Committee

Hello students, parents and brothers, dear sisters,

Every 2,5 years Heeren XVII organises parents day. At this day parents, guardians, brothers and sisters can take a look in the wonderful world of Biosystems Engineering and the study association Heeren XVII.

During this day the family members get the chance to go to lectures and the also get some practical experience, like a tour in the greenhouse of Wageningen UR. Also all the ins and outs of our association Heeren XVII will be discussed. The day will end with a traditional Heeren XVII drink.

When the day comes to an end and the parents go home, it’s time for the brothers and sisters evening. This evening will start with a nice dinner. After this it’s time to go to experience the student life of Wageningen, but the party won’t start before playing some typical integration activities. Get ready for a memorable evening!

Greetings and with kisses for the sisters,

De Ouderdag Commissie,
Joris te Velde, Rick Fennema en Sake Antonides
F.l.t.r. f.u.t.d. Sake Antonides, Joris te Velde, Rick Fennema