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P3 Committee

The P3 committe is responsible for the organisation of the first-years weekend. This weekend will take place every year at the begin of the study year. The weekend is organised for all the first year students, as well for the entrants. Four studenst from the second year organise the weekend. The intention of the weekend is a smooth integration of all the new students with each other, and with the rest of the members of the association. A lot of activities will be present in the weekend to help the integration.

Friday’s eve the tradition is that other members of Heeren XVII included the board come by at location of the weekend and have a little talk and a beer. The first years have the opportunity to introduce their selves to their fellow students.

The next day mostly an educational excursion is planned to discover some related aspects of the study. Next to that, games can be played, and in the evening everybody drops by at a traditional nightspot.

The last day we clean up and go home. After that, we always look back to an incredible companionable weekend!
F.l.t.r. f.u.t.d. Rick Vendrig, Ben Boerkamp, Joost Koolen, Boudewijn Benjamins, Stijn van Marion, Etienne Pors