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Redactie HaiTech

The Haitech Editors has been active as a committee, almost since study association Heeren XVII saw the light of day. We have been putting a lot of effort into our lovely magazine ‘the Haitech’, to provide each technician , graduate , or interested person with their funny and topical reading material'

Inside the HaiTech you will find detailed reports of the fun activities organized within the study, often with exclusive photos and interesting facts about these activities. Each period, we ask a freshly graduated, agricultural technician to tell his story to us. In the topic " Oldtimer " he talks about his time in Wageningen and the course of his career after graduating .

In addition, the HaiTech creates a bond between the members. For example, our column "De HaiTech Pen Bij… ' is periodically passed on to two different freshmen who can introduce themselves to their fellow students in that way. Furthermore , regular surveys, with study-related questions are conducted among different members. What’s the status concerning the number of achieved credits at the moment. How did you spend their summer vacation or what are you going to for Christmas? Also, for each edition, we ask one Dutch student and one foreign student for their experiences while travelling abroad. It is quite interesting to read about habits in other countries, and wat foreign students think about our culture.

In each HaiTech, the president of the study-association looks back on the recent period via a number of topics. How does the current weather influence the agricultural sector? Who are graduated and what activities have all taken place? In the " Technical Report " , technical developments within the agricultural field are exemplified, ensuring the students also keep up with the latest techniques. Also, all the small facts concerning the study-association that you shouldn’t miss are presented in the section ' Wist-Je-Datjes'.

So in a nutshell, there’s something for everyone in there. Most stories are supported by pictures. As said; "a picture is worth a thousand words", a colored photo collection, with pictures of the past activities is on display at the center of the magazine.

Each exam week you can feel the tension rising again among techies; When will the new HaiTech arrive!?’ The exclusive stories that are presented within the HaiTech are later often the subject of much discussion.
F.l.t.r. Mark Bruggink, Jack de Winter, Geert van Maldegem, Zwanet Herbert, Dèstn Mulder, Teun Bout, Harm van Dinther