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Reunion Committee

We are the reunion committee and we organise the reunion of Heeren XVII once every 5 years, for all the members and old-members of Heeren XVII! The study program has changed name and content for several times. Nevertheless, study association Heeren XVII has always been there. Heeren XVII is currently 55 years old, which means that for all this time, members have graduated. These people are currently fulfilling numerous roles and functions in the Netherlands and abroad. During the reunion, everyone gets the chance to return to the place where their studies got to an end and the grown-up life began. The reunion will take place during the anniversary of Heeren XVII and consists of several interesting presentations of members and old-members. But, above all, it will be a cosy get-together with all your study mates from the time you were studying. We hope to see you all on the 5th of June 2020! Further information will follow via post and/or e-mail.
F.l.t.r. Emma Bijen, Jan Morssink, Dide van Teeffelen, Sander Gerritsen