Study Association BSc Agrotechnologie & MSc Biosystems Engineering
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Besides all serious business like attending lectures and studying, every agricultural engineer needs some distraction. We, as Sports- and Activities Committee (SAC) take care of that! We frequently offer you the right amount of sportive activities, integration, distraction and interaction with your colleagues in combination with a beer or non-alcoholic drink. These activities are intended to promote interaction with people of different study years within our study and also to get to know people from other studies. Therefore our committee also consists of people from several study years, which makes our committee quite diverse. We organise at least one activity per period during the academic year. Some examples are: pub crawl, farmer games, beer bowling, ice skating, integration parties, geocaching, survival, barbeques or an unlimited spareribs eating contest. The organisation of our committee is quite diverse. We continuously switch and divide tasks that fit the time schedule and expertise of our committee members. This is translated in successful activities and positive feedback from most of the participants in our activities. There is always room for new ideas and suggestions for activities. Besides a set of yearly returning activities, we also launch new activities every year. Do you have a new idea? Let us know!

F.l.t.r. Chris Vader, Joost Koolen, Jan Morssink, Bram Teurlinx, Bryan Koster, Koen Voordendag, Sander Krul