Study Association BSc Agrotechnologie & MSc Biosystems Engineering
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BSc Biosystems Engineering
Do you like to find applications for the newest technical development and do you also like to come with new solutions, the BSc. Agrotechnologie might be the right one for you! T he study is focused on technique with respect for crop, animal and living environment. Agrotechnologen are searching for applications of new technologies to produce food and other agricultural products. Also they are busy with technology in a “green” environment. Besides the study is also including an interplay with economics and business management, the so called beta-gamma interaction. INNOVATION are Agrotechnologen writing with capitals. The technical applications give a contribution for a more sustainable production methods. For more information please have a look over here. Mark, the BSc. Agrotechnologie is not an international study. The first year will be fully Dutch, after the first year the study slowly switches to English.

Which profile is needed?
When having a Dutch vwo-diploma with the profile “Natuur & Techniek” or “Natuur & Gezondheid” with physics you are able to enrol the BSc. Agrotechnologie. Look for more possibilities to enrol, enrolment and student loan by clicking here.

MSc Biosystems Engineering
After the BSc. study a MSc. study can be followed. When succeeded the BSc. Biosystems Engineering you are free to enrol direct for at least one MSc. studies at Wageningen University and Research. In these two-year long MSc. studies you combine the in depth courses with a half year internship and a half year thesis. The most student are choosing for the MSc. Biosystems Engineering. Information on the MSc. Biosystems Engineering can be found here: