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Old members

Graduated Biosystems Engineers are spread all over the world, employed by all kinds of different companies, or even working in a company of their own. Heeren XVII hopes you will never forget the good times you had in Wageningen and especially appreciates the contact between old members, but also the contact between old members and current members. Heeren XVII’s old-members form a large network of professionals who can help eachother and our current members to keep innovating and exploring new subjects.

To promote this contact, Heeren XVII organizes reunions where you can keep in contact with all of your old fellow students. If you choose to become a donor, you will not only support our association financially, you will also receive the Haitech periodical five times per year, as well as the annual Almanac. On top of this, you will receive the yearly digital newsletter, to keep you posted on the recent activities within our association and study programme. With the help of your financial support, we can keep publishing and sending these kinds of products. Also you will be invited to theme evenings covering a wide range of subjects: for example, about ‘Influence of farming systems on soil quality’ and ‘New and innovative farming systems’. Finally, you will also be invited to the lustrum and the new year’s drink!

If the above sounds good to you, please get in touch with the Heeren XVII board by emailing Heeren.XVII@wur.nl.